At Studio 51, we are fervently dedicated to the art and science of hair foiling, offering a spectrum of foiling services aimed at achieving luminous, multi-dimensional hues. Our seasoned stylists specialise in creating meticulously crafted looks tailored to each individual’s desires. Here are the bespoke foiling and colouring services we proudly offer:

  1. Full Head Foils:

    • Immerse in a full transformation with our Full Head Foils service, encapsulating your entire head with meticulously placed foils to achieve a comprehensive colour metamorphosis.
  2. ¼ Head Foils:

    • Subtly introduce a new shade or enhance your natural colour with our ¼ Head Foils service, perfect for a modest yet noticeable change.
  3. ½ Head Foils:

    • Our ½ Head Foils service offers a balanced blend of your natural hues with a colour of your choice, achieving a harmonious, radiant effect.
  4. ¾ Head Foils:

    • Venture towards a more pronounced colour change with our ¾ Head Foils service, achieving a richer, multifaceted colour profile.
  5. Toners:

    • Utilise our toner service to refine the hue and enhance the vibrancy, ensuring a polished, salon-finished look.
  6. Balayage:

    • Experience the beauty of free-hand colouring with our Balayage service, creating a soft, sun-kissed graduation of colour that is both elegant and contemporary.
  7. Ombre:

    • Our Ombre service creates a stunning transition from darker roots to lighter ends, fashioning a dramatic, yet seamless gradient effect.

Each of our foiling services is delivered with a commitment to excellence, ensuring not only a captivating colour result but also the health and integrity of your hair.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of bespoke hair styling at Studio 51, where every strand is treated with mastery and precision. Your journey begins in Doncaster, the hub of exquisite hair transformation services that redefine elegance. Here, the timeless technique of foils is performed with an eye for detail and a touch of modern flair, infusing a spectrum of vibrant hues into your locks.

As you extend your quest for the perfect hair transformation, Melbourne beckons with its cosmopolitan allure. At Studio 51 in Melbourne, the hair foils experience is nothing short of exceptional, offering a blend of contemporary techniques and personalised service. Our seasoned stylists meticulously handpick and place each foil, unveiling a myriad of shades that perfectly resonate with your unique style and personality.

Our salon is a sanctum where traditional foil techniques meet modern styling, ensuring each client steps out with a look that's as unique as they are. Each foil is a promise of quality, each strand a canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece.

Book your appointment today, and step into a realm where excellence in hair styling is not just a service, but a promise. With a fusion of skilled expertise and modern aesthetics, your journey to a stunning hair transformation begins the moment you step into Studio 51.