Transforming ordinary locks into exceptional styles is our forte at Studio 51. Our adept stylists are poised to provide a seamless styling experience that reflects your personal aesthetic and occasion needs. Whether you are preparing for a casual outing, a corporate event, or the most significant day of your life, we have a plethora of styling services to cater to your desires. Here’s a look into the specialised styling services we offer:

  1. Short B/Wave:

    • Unleash a chic, modern vibe with our Short Blow Wave service, ensuring your shorter locks are styled to perfection with volume and sleekness.
  2. Medium B/Wave:

    • Embrace a classic look with our Medium Blow Wave service, imparting a smooth, elegant finish to your mid-length hair.
  3. Long B/Wave:

    • Revel in a luxurious finish with our Long Blow Wave service, creating sleek, flowing waves that embody grace and style.
  4. Bouncy B/Wave:

    • Infuse a vivacious, youthful bounce into your locks with our Bouncy Blow Wave service, perfect for any occasion where you aim to make a lively impression.
  5. Hair Up:

    • Elevate your style with our Hair Up service, where we skillfully craft a stunning updo tailored to your preferences, be it sleek and sophisticated or soft and romantic.
  6. Bridal Hair:

    • On your special day, entrust your tresses to us. Our Bridal Hair service is designed to create a breathtaking look that complements your gown and personal style, ensuring you look nothing short of a dream walking down the aisle.

Your appointment at Studio 51 transcends a mere styling session; it's a step towards unveiling a more confident, radiant you.

Step into Studio 51, where your hair styling aspirations come to life. Nestled in the heart of Doncaster, we redefine Hair Styling with each meticulously crafted style. Our seasoned Hair professionals are not just stylists; they are the connoisseurs of modern aesthetics, committed to tailoring a look that is uniquely yours. Immerse in the upscale styling experience, as we unveil the potential of each strand to resonate with your personal style. For those in Melbourne, a short drive will introduce you to an experience that transcends the ordinary, welcoming you into a realm of chic aesthetics and fashionable creativity. Our salon is more than just a salon; it's where your hair's beauty and style get a new definition. And when it comes to your big day, our bridal service ensures you look nothing short of a dream, with every strand styled to perfection. Book your appointment today and embark on a transformative journey at Studio 51.