At Studio 51, we are passionate about transforming looks and boosting confidence through our exquisite hair extension services. Our adept stylists are at your service, offering an array of hair extension solutions to meet your individual needs and preferences. Below are the specialised hair extension services we offer:

  1. Great Lengths:

    • Experience the magic of added length and volume with our Great Lengths hair extension service. Crafted from the finest hair, our Great Lengths extensions blend seamlessly with your natural locks, creating a flawless and natural appearance.
  2. Seamless 1:

    • Our Seamless 1 extensions are a perfect choice for those seeking a discreet yet effective way to enhance their hair. With flat bonds that lie seamlessly against the scalp, these extensions offer a comfortable and virtually undetectable solution.
  3. Micro Bead:

    • Opt for a secure and non-damaging extension solution with our Micro Bead service. Utilising tiny beads to attach extensions to your natural hair, this method allows for versatile styling while promoting hair health.
  4. Weft:

    • Embrace the lush volume and length provided by our Weft extensions. Skillfully sewn into your natural hair, our Weft extensions offer a fuller, bouncy look that is both beautiful and natural.
  5. Hair Extension Removal:

    • When it's time to bid adieu to your extensions, our professional hair extension removal service ensures a safe and gentle removal process, preserving the integrity and health of your natural hair.

Each of our services is executed with precision, care, and an understanding of individual hair textures and needs. Our mission at Studio 51 is to provide a rejuvenating and satisfying experience that leaves you looking fabulous and feeling empowered.